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2016 - Best fireside joke... ever.

For reasons of political correctness, we can't write here the joke that caused sp much mirth, nor take credit for it.

Perhaps it was the beer, wine or any other type of alcohol that had been imbibed, but laugh we all did.


The first time we missed the start.

We're all used to a bit of rain over a Le-Mans weekend, but sitting on a muddy slope, drenched to the skin, cold and having to deal with your beer being watered down by the relentless rain kind of makes you ask "why?". Off to the hospitality tent it was for (gasp) a cup of tea to warm up.



With only 4 of us this year, and not a cooking skill in site, we went back to the various concession stands. All in all not too shabby, and plenty of choice. Though we keep asking where the Hell is a decent Tartiflette stand, none of this microwaved at 2am rubbish - we want the fresh stuff.

Shampoo very absent.

It was a quiet year - not many members of the crew could make it for varying reasons so the AGM was postponed until next year. Hopefully there will be more than 4 of us, so we can get a decent couple of hours in at the champagne bar.

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